The Delaware Valley Paperweight Collectors Association (DVPCA) is an unincorporated educational organization of about 90 member/collectors nationwide. The chapter was founded in 1992…our inaugural meeting was on October 10 that year…and our membership includes glass artists, paperweight dealers, museums and other educational institutions and collectors. We are one of the most active local paperweight collectors associations, meeting quarterly each year, January, April, July and October. At these meetings, we learn about art glass paperweights, both antique and modern, through informative and entertaining programs, featuring speakers and artists of national renown. In addition, we publish quarterly newsletters, usually about four weeks before each scheduled meeting, containing articles of original research and announcing the upcoming program. We urge you to join us in exploring the wonderful world of glass paperweights.

While DVPCA as an organization does not sell paperweights, at least two dealer-members attend each meeting and display antique and contemporary paperweights for sale. Each quarterly meeting, always held on a weekend day, usually Saturday, begins with a “Paperweight Fair” during which these dealers as well as our other members offer a fascinating and ever-changing array of glass beauties from around the world to identify, admire and/or purchase for your own collection.

Living as we do near one of the early centers of the American glass industry, in South Jersey, we are able to call upon a wealth of paperweight making talent in the area, including the man considered the supreme master of the art, Paul Joseph Stankard, of Mantua, NJ. And whether you are just learning about paperweights or are already an advanced collector, DVPCA can provide substantial benefits:

  • You will learn about art glass paperweights from our meeting programs as well as from our own member-experts.
  • You will enjoy the fellowship of other paperweight collectors.
  • You will view and handle a wide variety of antique and contemporary glass paperweights at our meetings (something you cannot do in a museum).
  • You will meet at close range paperweight and other art glass artists from around the country.
  • You will have the opportunity to acquire paperweights from our dealer-members as well as from our other members, if you wish.
  • You will find, with us, a forum for your own particular collecting interest.
  • You will have access to an extensive Paperweight Reference Lending Library made available to currently paid up members.

So…if you live anywhere near Philadelphia, PA or the tri-state area of Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, you owe it to yourself to contact the Delaware Valley PCA. Please attend one of our meetings (never more than three months off from the time you visit our website) and experience first-hand the warmth and fellowship of folks with similar collecting interests as yourself. You won’t be disappointed!